How to Calculate your Mark-up the Right Way!

Costing and pricing is a key issue in tendering and quoting for work and it must be correct and commercially attractive.  A common problem is getting simple mathematics wrong. When pricing a tender or quote people…

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Timing is Everything

The right advice and the right action at the right time can make a world of difference to the success of a business. All businesses experience ups and downs. Knowing whether to persevere through the…

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Setting up a team in another country to optim…

The definition of insanity is to keep doing the same things, the same way, and to expect different results. Is your business truly optimised? Ask yourself these three questions: 1. How much time, do I, my team or…

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How Broadband Can Fuel Business Innovation an…

Fuelling and driving business growth is one of the biggest topics in the Australian media landscape at the moment. With the government pushing their Research & Development tax incentives hard, it’s no wonder businesses are…

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Profit & Cashflow Help

Your net income should exceed your gross habits!

… or why keep your cashflow separate from the business When asked the key to…

Growth, Change & Exit

Seven ways to keep your business sustainable and good to grow

Survival Skills for Tough Times There is a lot of news about China slowing down, oil…

Numbers Explained

The Seven Key Numbers that drive Profit & Cashflow

Do you ever look at the reports from your accounting software and get bamboozled by…



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